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Problem sending email with link to Tiscali customers

Not exactly a project but a problem I experienced recently. I thought it might be worth documenting in case others had the same problem. When I searched I could find no reference to this anywhere.

On behalf of a charity event I send out a bulk email to supporters each year. This email includes a link back to the charity website. We received a number of reports that the link would not work. The one common thread was that these reports all came from email addresses. After some investigation we found the reason.

The email we send out contains an HTML link looking something like:

<a href=''></a>

When viewed via the Tiscali webmail site this link has been transformed into something like:

<a href='/cp/ps/Mail/ExternalURLProxy?" target="_BLANK"></a>

Note the "href" attribute. This starts with a single-quote but finishes with double-quotes. That ain't gonna work! I have contacted Tiscali about this and they say it should be fixed by end of February. I will test it again then.

However, the good news is that there is an easy work-around. My link above uses single-quotes for the attributes. If these are replaced by double-quotes Tiscali handles it OK, as do others I have tested. The HTML specification says either single- or double-quotes can be used provided they are in matched pairs. Unfortunately Tiscali doesn't agree.