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Nebula Digi TV

Internal PCI Digital TV card. Suitable for Freeview in the UK.

(No longer in use)

This Nebula Electronics card works under both Windows and Linux, although the Windows software provided seems a bit flakey.

To get it working under Linux you need to load two kernel modules. These are available in stock Kubuntu kernels at 2.6.12 and later - and may have been there earlier. bttv loads automatically but in earlier releases of Kubuntu you may have to load dvb_bt8xx by including it in /etc/modules.

However, having upgraded to Kubuntu 8.04 I have had problems. Although the modules load automatically at boot time, the card does not work. However, if I unload dvb_by8xx and reload it things work OK. It appears that this is a known problem. It seems that Kopete grabs the TV card thinking it is a webcam. There doesn't seem to be a way to stop it doing that. However, if you stop Kopete being loaded everything works OK.

I use Kaffeine to view TV.

Update: This card died some time ago after a number of years happy service, so I cannot confirm that it works happily with later versions of Kubuntu.