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Evesham Voyager

AMD64 based laptop.

At the time of writing this is just an expensive paperweight. In the eighteen months since purchase it has had to go back to Evesham for repair twice. I paid for a three year on-site warranty. Evesham's idea of on-site is that they send a courier to collect and return. The second time was reasonably efficient but the first time took a ridiculous time. They also reinitialised the disk even though the fault was a clear screen hardware fault.

At present the power lead is faulty - all right not their fault, a mouse chewed it - well that's Tom's story and he's sticking to it. However, they do not have a new one in stock and say it may be a month before one is available.

I will never buy from Evesham again.

PS. A new lead did turn up eventually but I'm not changing my mind.